Our Cooking Class

Experience our original Thai 4 elements food at “Romdee”

Learn how to cook “Thai 4 Elements food Therapy” and having meal of your own cook. Educational tour at Fresh market and see the Thai ways of life and try your own choices of Thai vegetables and herbs.

In traditional Thai medicine your whole body contains of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. However, the element of individual person may indicate for example more earth than others.

Know your Thai Element for your Therapy…If you were born in;

you are Earth

you are Water

you are Wind

you are Fire

Four Thai Elements are related to the tastes and properties of Thai healthy food. The properties of foods can indicate what kind of food is suitable for your health. They also defined by the “4 Thai Elements” therapy.

Relieves thirst, high nutrition stimulate the digestion, treatment of the bone, treats diarrhea.

Sour taste; soften sputum, relieves body pain, blood cleansing, a laxative, relieves cough, lower body heat the dissolves phlegm, reduce fats in blood vessels cough.

Hot-spice, anti flatulence, cough, phlegm, indigestion, skin disease, increase appetite, anti-fungi, bacteria, virus growth, lower blood sugar, promote sweating, dyspepsia.

Rich in calcium, iron & phosphorus cool-tasteless; Stimulates digestion, constipation, nourish skin, relieves irritation of insect bites, burning pain & itching. Relieves sore eyes or red eye.

Explore to our healthy and exquisite uniqueness “Thai four elements food”

Romdee, are delighted to offer you a complete and unique food items specially chosen and prepared for customers who care about what they eat.

Try and learn the “Four Elements” Thai Cooking course designed for people who wants to explore the world’s famous and exquisite Thai element food, amidst serene surrounding with a cool and refreshing lake.

If you do care about your health and food. Romdee is the best place you have been looking for.

We are ready to surprise and delight you. At Romdee Restaurant.


Thai Cooking class Menu
  • Hot and sour prawn soup  (Tom Yam Kung)

  • Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts (Kai Phat met mamuang himmapaan)

  • Thai-Style fried noodles (Phat Thai)

  • Tom Khaa Kai

  • Stir-fried crab with curry power (Poo Phat Phong Kari)

  • Stir-fried prawns with tamarind sauce (Kung Phat Sauce Makham piak)

  • Green Beef Curry ( Keang Khiaw waan neua )

  • Stir-fried Boiled egg with Tamarind sauce ( Kai-Luk-Kauy )

  • Stir-fried prawns and vegetables ( Phat Phak Anamai)

Thai Four elements Cooking Class
Time Description
8.00 am.
  • Pick up at hotel or your Location
9.00 am.
  • Educational trip at local Thai fresh market
  • Explain about thai herb and ingredient
  • Show the material of Thai 4 elements cooking food
9.45 am.
  • Back to restaurant at Tarn Tara Spa
  • Welcome Thai herbs drink/Thai snack and hot/cold towel
10.00 am
  • Introduction of Thai four elements taste. About  Fire element, Wind element, Water element and Earth element.
10.15 am
  • Explain for raw material Thai four element foods
  • Cook Thai four element foods for 3 dishes.
12.00 am (Noon)
  • Explain for raw material Thai four element foods
  • Thai Cooking Certificate/Take photo
  • Return to your hotel or your own location.
  • Guide service
  • Free round trips transfer for 2 persons,1 person please accept for extra charge 500 Baht per person.
  • 10% discount for afternoon spa treatment at Tarn Tara Spa

Package price per person   2,900 Baht.