Tarn Tara Spa

Laid relax near the calm and serenade lake, nestled on the heart of Phuket Island, the Pearl of Andaman Sea. Founded in 1998, The Day First Spa on Phuket Island, integrated the culture of Southern Thai into its service.Tarn Tara Spa is one of Phuket’s well recognize Spa by its long tradition and experience, by giving you choice and flexibility to tailor and personalize your treatment. Our team of wellness professionals are ambitious to offer advice and a diverse range services for you to experience. A place where you restore, rebalance, and reconnect with your spirit.

Tarn Tara Spa, Phuket Spa, The first day Spa Phuket since 1998, with more than two decades of experience, can guarantee you to meet a magical touch and reward your mind and body to the paradise of real total relaxation.The best location for Tarn Tara Spa, the hidden spa, cool calm and serenity, in the middle of twin fresh lake, where else can be the paradise on the island with the environment of tropical garden, keep you close to the nature which all mankind yearning for. Tarn Tara Spa is the spa from inner through outer.


Our Treatments


Moor Mud Mask

Facial mask with volcanic mud which has the ability to absorb dirt, bacteria and cleans your face deeply, helps prevent acne and control excess oil.


Aloe Vera Facial

Facial mask with aloe vera gel helps to relieve the burning sensation, swelling, redness, inflammation, allergies, sunburn and irritation.


Foot Reflexology

Massage to stimulate the functioning of various organs and systems of the body, helps relieve constipation, asthma, stress, people with bladder problems,[...]


Paradise Of Phuket

Paradise Of Phuket Body Scrub with Thai herbs Thai White Mud Body Wrap Body massage with essential oils Facial massage and mask Alovera Reflexology Foot Massage or [...]


Milk Body Scrub

Body scrub suitable for dry skin, eliminates dead skin cells, increases skin smoothness, moisturizes the skin with the properties of milk.



Western massage which we have applied to meet the needs of Thai people who are familiar with Thai massage.


Pearl Facial

Facial mask with extracts from 100% natural pearls, rich in 18-amino acids, 56 minerals needed to support skin structure, helps to make the skin white and bright, noticeable within 1 week after use.


Golden Body Scrub

Exfoliation of dead skin cells using pure gold scrub with the properties of gold that penetrate and making your skin looks lighter, reduce wrinkles and cleansing the pores.


Rainy Greeting

Rainy Greeting Body massage with essential oils Reflexology Foot Massage or Shampoo Hair and Blow Dry Steam And Jacuzzi Herbal tea and snacks 2.30 [...]


Sport Massage

Massage that is suitable for people who want to massage with very firm pressure, people with strong tense muscles, and especially athletes.


Morning Blue Sky

Morning Blue Sky Body Scrub with Thai herbs Body massage with essential oils Facial massage and mask Alovera Reflexology Foot Massage or Shampoo Hair and Blow Dry [...]


Breezy Wind Blow

Breezy Wind Blow Body scrub with seaweed Mask skin with seaweed Body massage with essential oils Seaweed Facial Mask Reflexology Foot Massage or Shampoo Hair and Blow [...]


Rainblow Greeting

Rainblow Greeting  Body scrub with Thai herbs Body massage with essential oils Steam And Jacuzzi Herbal tea and snacks 2.30 hours 2,600 Baht [...]


Golden Facial

Golden facial mask with gold helps to balance the skin's condition to make the skin look flawless and bright.


Andaman Sunshine

Andaman Sunshine Body Scrub with Thai herbs Body massage with essential oils Facial massage and mask Alovera Reflexology Foot Massage or Shampoo Hair and Blow Dry Steam [...]


Algae Body Scrub

Scrub to remove dead skin cells with the properties of algae that are rich in minerals to nourish your skin making it looks fresh and firm.


Algae Body Wrap

An ideal body mask for people with oily skin conditions. The properties of algae help in absorbing toxins from the skin, reducing wrinkles and dark spots, also reduce the roughness of the skin.


Aloe Vera Body Wrap

Body wrap that is suitable for people with skin conditions exposed to sunlight, helps absorb heat, relieve the skin from burning and swelling symptoms,[...]

Relax at tarntaraspa

What a great experience, from the moment you walk in everything is perfect. The ladies know what they are doing, and explain the process to the fullest and I’ve never had body scrub before and this is the best experience I had. definitely will be back to this place on my next trip!!


pricey but worth it

We visited this spa on our last day in Phuket.We went to the cheap spas on the sides of the roads but we figured we’d allow ourselves to splurge on this place before we leave.We did not regret it.I got the traditional Thai massage (900baht) and my friend got the Aloe Soothing one.The ambiance was great and the staff are very accomodating.It’s a bit on the pricier side but the quality of the massage makes it all worth it.This is a bit far from Patong center so if you want to visit,you might want to hire a van to take you there.

ayannatan, Manila, Philippines

Best place for body & Mind

I have been couple times to Tarn Tara Spa, couple times with my wife and once with friends, the service is very good, once we have “Stone herb & Thai massage” which is very relaxed and fresh after the treatment, once I had Jasmine oil massage, it was also very good, they served healthy herbal drink and fresh fruit after the treatment, they have restaurant beside the spa is very good and delicious, they serve the healthy food, the location also very nice the lake is beside the spa and the restaurant.

subinrai, Karon, Thailand